You have come to the right place if you are looking for quality, live entertainment for your bar, club, restaurant, house party or event.

Rico is a singer, songwriter, musician, and an exciting stage presence, ready to entertain your crowd. 

With today's modern technology Rico has put together a one man band show, designed to give you the full flavor of a 7 piece band using: keyboard, guitar, midi, variety, humor, charisma, and audience participation.


Every show is different because Rico plays to the audience at each venue. 

Not just one song after another, but RAW, FRESH, EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERY CROWD.

COVER SONGS from rock and roll, country, oldies, dance, party, and Rico originals

Rico is a one man band with a full band sound and has played for crowds of up to 8000 and gigs as small as 30.  

 Rico will travel and provides his own equipment for indoor and outdoor events. 

no gig to big or too small.

For more information or to book your entertainment contact Rico at
602-677-3083 or e-mail :

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Rico got his first guitar when he was 12. While living near Lake Powell Northern Arizona. 

After graduating high school in 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 16, Rico took to the road. Those were the days when hitching a ride was still a pretty safe thing to do. Rico traveled throughout the US, Central, and South America. 

Rico began an adventure that continues to this day. Before leaving the teen years Rico had written and composed several amazing songs including, WITH ME, PEOPLE ARE JUST PEOPLE, and HOMESTEAD IN MY HEART. 

Continuing with his passion for meeting new people and seeing different places, Rico continues to take his talent on the road. He prefers the small town venues. He says small town people are so hospitable and always seem to love a visitor.  

Rico never has a set of songs ready to play because he waits to read the crowd. With a selection of over 400 songs of every variety, Rico has a way of just knowing what the atmosphere is and how it may need to change or just get better. Sometimes it’s as if he is singing just to you. 

Rico plays mostly cover songs of every variety. It’s hard to find a request that he can’t do. He plays country, rock and roll, oldies, dance, party, love songs and all the in between. The most favored songs are his latest originals like, PRETTY MUCH and FACES IN THE CLOUDS. Rico does love the attention, but  more than that Rico loves people and he loves to create an atmosphere were people can come together to enjoy life and have a great time. Rico believes that you must first love yourself or you cannot love others. That’s why I love Rico. 

For more information or to book your entertainment contact Rico at
602-677-3083 or e-mail :